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Sirindesigns now works in USA!

In love with Graphics and Design
Molecules, Dubai
logo ME 2
Al Fares, Dubai
logo alfares
Bookerz, Ukraine
logo bookerz1
logo btlmg 2
web draft
Identity and web development for BTLMG, UK
Identity and web development for Molecules, Dubai
logo teaser2
feat joseon
Identity for Joseon Lounge, Dubai

My name is Eugenia Filippova. Privet!

I specialize in Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Graphic and Web Design.

I’ve got MA in Graphic Design verified by WES Canada and 15+ years of professional experience in Dubai and with businesses worldwide. I began as Graphic and 3D Designer, mostly working on 3D visualisation of interiors, identity and graphics for small Ukrainian brands, and had moved to Dubai in 2011 for my first project abroad. It happened to be my ticket to a future of new opportunities, priceless professional experience, new friends and contacts, new skies and skills.

Nowadays, I run a virtual design studio working on international projects. At Sirindesigns, I have developed numerous websites and created brand identity for companies in Singapore, Dubai, Europe, USA, Nigeria.


Graphics. Collaging

I have a real passion for ink graphics and collaging. I’d love to try my skills in designing book covers or illustrations where I could implement an abstract style of drawing. Art portfolio.

Identity for Cymatics, Dubai
4 08 MOEE 20
logo btlmg 1
Molecules, Dubai
logo ME 1
Agroindustrias, Mexico
logo agroindustrias
Fluid, Ukraine
logo fluid1
Mind, Dubai
logo mind
Cymatics, Dubai
logo cymatics
Daraq, Baku
logo daraq1
logo colony
The Colony, Dubai
RLT KWIK, Singapore
logo KWIK
GH1 Capital, Singapore
logo gh1
logo redhot
Red Hot Chili, Dubai
Viktoria Langeard, Ukraine
logo viktoria
logo stu
DJ Stu Laurie, Dubai
logo o2
O2 Nightclub, Dubai
DJ Enzo Mirak, Dubai
logo enzo
logo glent1
Glent, Baku
Maternity Cot, Singapore
logo maternitycot
Amazing Tune, Dubai
logo at
O2 3d_concept 4
Mind concept2
O2 events feat1

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