My name is Eugenia Filippova. Privet!

I’ve got MA in Graphic Design verified by WES Canada and 15+ years of professional experience with businesses worldwide. 


Working at Sirindesigns, I have developed brand identity and websites for international businesses, like BTLMG (UK), RLT and RLT KWIK (Singapore), GH1 Capital, Kids Trove, Maternity Cot (Singapore), CloudWAV, Mission Techs (USA) and others.

Working as Web Designer at The First Group, Dubai, I had contributed to a database of leads growth and number of real property contracts by creating selling corporate presentations for telesales and marketing department. Working within the marketing department, our team had brought a profit in sales of hotel properties in our aimed project, TFG hotels in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Working at Molecules Events, Dubai, I had created identity and websites for numerous businesses and individuals in the field of events and nightlife of Dubai and region. At Molecules Events, we created brands like Cymatics and O2 Nightclub, were in charge of Joseon Restaurant & Club, Iris Nightclub and Donatello Lounge at DWTC. 

Software and Skills

Creative Direction. Brand Identity and Graphic Design.

Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PP; HTML, CSS, Python (basics).

Web development in WordPress, eCommerce etc.

CMS deployment, backups, hosting, domain etc. website maintenance.

Cinema4D, 3DsMax (Vray).

Languages: native Russian and Ukrainian, fluent English (С1 IELTS 8.0), French beginner.












I aim to provide an aesthetic and functional product/service that does not depend on a time zone.

The world nowadays is extremely fast and interactive, it discards borders and stereotypes and always asks for more. In its challenging reality I aim to keep my initial passion for design and art, idealistic approach to the world – yet combine it with the meticulous implementation of the work process and learning.

Sirindesigns works worldwide!

Working internationally, I apply the creative potential and flexibility of various mentalities to my projects. I strive to use the most efficient digital ways of communication to present concepts, thoroughly researched and implemented with the accuracy and attention to detail.

Unexpected fun fact 

Aside main specialization, I traveled a lot, and had gotten a short but definitely unique Cabin Crew job experience with Emirates Airlines, which had broadened my mind map of the world, had taught about different traditions, local cultural patterns and mundane difficulties of teamwork.






















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