Al Fares

Brand Identity

Al Fares

Brand Identity for Al Fares Events, Dubai.

Logotype is adapted for Dubai and Gulf countries so it has English and Arabic versions of the Company name.

Fares or Al-Fares (Faris), has its roots in Arabic; meaning a Knight, Gallant, Chivalrous or a Cavalier, and refers collectively to “A heroic Knight who fought on horseback”.  The logo strives to present an emotional, passionate and powerful image of the Company serving its customers in the field of Events & Nightlife of Dubai.

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Identity Kit
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Identity Guideline
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The logo is meant to be prominent, standing out, yet pointing on the local market segment. That’s why was used the “national” colour palette, so familiar for UAE residents and guests from all over the world.


Agency: Molecules Events Dubai.

Design: Eugenia Filippova.

Dubai, June 2014.


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