Joseon Lounge

Brand Identity, Graphic Design

Joseon Lounge

Joseon Dynasty

Logo and graphic design for Joseon Lounge, Dubai.

Joseon Restaurant & Live Music Lounge was meant to follow traditional Korean style in design, web appearance, interior and food. Based on historical research the logo was created in a very traditional and comprehensively detailed manner. 

The colour scheme of the logotype is built on a traditional colours used to identify medieval Emperor’s Joseon dynasty. Those are the obscure blue, scarlet red with the radiant gold.

The graphics of a central pattern composition is also done according to traditional art of royal Korean houses identity. It’s a circle with a Dragon inside, the shape of Dragon’s body comes to “S” letter and ties together the font of the logo and graphics.

joseon 1
Joseon Dynasty
joseon 2
Logo Icon & Slogan
joseon 3
joseon 4
joseon 5
Business Cards

Agency: Molecules Events Dubai.
Design: Eugenia Filippova.


Dubai, January 2012.


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