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Molecules Events

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Brand Identity for Molecules Events Management Company, Dubai.

“The main activity of Molecules Events Company is related to house music events.  All the elements of the perfect musical event such as happiness, hyperactivity, blood flow increase can be represented in a view of chemical recipes. Hence, the logotype by means of recipe’s structure compiles an idea of the breathtaking musical performance, which provokes an outburst of emotions connected with positive excitement, diversity of  intense energetic mind and body states. 

Idea of the name “Molecules” performs the first shape and simple structure, which are the source of states and beings variety in Universe. The fire, water, air, substances, materials, breathers and inorganic nature are made of molecules. The motion itself as a state of energy, the thoughts, emotions and activities, all is built by uniform principle and filled with harmony.”

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M logo
Logotype (rebranding)
Envelope design
M envelops
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logo outline
Letterhead design
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Concept: Ziad Choueiry.

Design and project management: Eugenia Filippova.


Dubai, 2011-2018 (rebranding).


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